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Trade In - Trade Up on Helmets

Trade In - Trade Up on Helmets

Harley-Davidson Cape Town will be supporting a training and Gear Up Initiative that the Woodstock Moto Company is running. We caught up with Devin Paisley from WMC and this is what he had to say;

" For the last 3 years we at the Woodstock Moto Co have been talking to delivery riders about the challenges they face on a  daily basis. The challenges are numerous, from not earning enough to maintain their bikes, battling the South Easter and rainy weather, to lack of training. By far the biggest challenge they face is the lack of adequate riding safety gear and being able to afford it.

Given this challenge, we have made it our mission to do our best to help equip less fortunate delivery riders with adequate safe riding gear collected via donation of your old gear. Thus far we have equipped 20 riders with safe helmets, gloves, jackets and boots, but this is not enough! There are always more riders who would benefit immensely from donations."

In support of this awesome cause Harley-Davidson Cape Town will be offering a trade-in promotion on Helmets for the month of September. Bring in your old helmet to donate to the WMC delivery riders campaign and we will give you 20% off your new helmet purchase.

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