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Review: Customised 2018 1200 Roadster™

28 May 2019

Review: Customised 2018 1200 Roadster™

When riding the Roadster™, at first glance it doesn't look like a Harley® of yesteryear. It's stance is fairly aggressive and sporty, but when on the bike it has all the characteristics of the American brand. This particular model has a few tweaks with regards to after market parts, including rear sets, clip-on handle bars, Bassani 2into1 pipe, cafe solo seat and rear fender, which all encourage a much sportier attitude!


The road chosen was the infamous Franschhoek Pass. Length: 23,9KM.

This pass is a favourite for scenic rides. The road is well maintained and if you pick your line right the cambers provide extra security. The road should however be handled with respect as in the past motorcyclists have gone over the edge. Take care on the bends and watch out for the tricky 180-degree hairpin. As long as you take care this is a beautiful drive, the scenery is said to resemble the Pyrenees in eternal summer (in the north) to the Scottish moors (in the south). inline_n56a2bafbb91bee5c21381d493871573_de4a94655b47.jpeg

For a 250kg bike, this Roadster™ carries it's weight well, and in the bends is surprisingly confidence inspiring with a stable front end, supplying adequate feedback, allowing the rider to push harder and harder.

All in all, making for an extremely fun ride when exploiting the low down grunt from this torquey 1202cc Evolution® engine, which definitely feels the best out of the Sportster® range.

Purchase this 2018 Pre-loved 1200 Roadster™ for only R210 000 during May and we will throw in R5 000 in extras!


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